The Experience of Studying at Univali

Studying at Univali means being immersed in Brazilian culture, living in towns and cities that have a high rate of development, and having the opportunity to receive a modern education. As an international University, Univali offers a curriculum that focuses on multiculturalism, and on forming global citizens, through practical experiences and a firm theoretical foundation, who are ahead of their time and are agents of change, making a positive impact on their own destinies and on the world around them.
Art & Culture

The University is an ideal environment for fostering art and culture. It has several venues for art exhibitions, a Multipurpose Space, and art galleries. The purpose of these venues is to promote artistic appreciation, integration and critical discussion about art, and to disseminate works by Brazilian artists.


Univali’s archive is distributed across nine libraries, and includes books, e-books, printed and electronic periodicals, databases, theses, dissertations, monographs, musical collections and multimedia. Library services are face-to-face, online, or even self-service.


Univali has complete infrastructure for sports and recreation, including sports halls and indoor courts. The Itajaí Campus has a gym, dance and gymnastics facilities, and a short-course swimming pool.

Univali classes are offered on a semester basis, with semesters running from February to June, and from August to November, as well as intensive courses in the month of July. These dates may vary according to the University's annual calendar. Vacation periods are in July, and from December to January. The academic calendar is issued in December of each year, for the year ahead.
Univali uses many forms of assessment, depending on the focus and objective of each discipline. These include tests, dissertations, practical projects, and other ways of monitoring students’ performance. Each semester, students are assessed through three partial grades, culminating in a final average grade. Minimum attendance of classes is also a requirement for completing a discipline. Classes are both practical and theoretical, aiming to provide students with a well-balanced training that will give them the skills needed for the global market.

Ways to study at Univali

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