As an institution that is geared towards the production and improvement of knowledge. Univali seeks to expand its research culture by encouraging students and professors to engage in research. 

Univali promotes the consolidation of lines of research, and research centers of the Teaching Units, investing in research, scientific production, and technological infrastructure, and encouraging integration between undergraduate, and postgraduate studies, as well as establishing partnerships for the development of research.

Research Programs

Univali’s Research Programs aim to provide the conditions for students enrolled in the Institution to participate in research projects and activities of Research Groups in various areas of study. The focus is to stimulate young people in higher education to engage in the activities, methodologies, knowledge and practices needed for technological development and innovation.

With the aim of promoting academic research in all areas of knowledge, Univali’s Research Programs are available to undergraduate and postgraduate students, as an incentive to further knowledge and encourage the active participation of students in research projects of high academic quality.

​Research Groups 

Research Group are groups of individuals interested in a common theme, organized around a particular line of research, and led by one, or two individuals.

Research groups are formed within the Undergraduate Program or School of Knowledge and Research Committee must be notified of their formation, so that they can be accredited by the CNPq (the Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development), the body that manages this information.​