Univali sees its extension activities as an ongoing process of exchange of knowledge between the University and the local community, through the development of activities that contribute to the professional, ethical and citizen practice of students, and promote regional development.

The process of designing projects and extension activities at Univali should originate in the undergraduate and postgraduate courses, based on questions and demands that arise out of the relationship between teaching and research, and their interfaces with the community.

Art & Culture

The Art and Culture Sector organizes activities to promote the cultural and artistic development that exists within the university community. Its activities are centered on the following cultural areas: Exhibitions; Festivals; Communications Actions: Media and Social Networks; Artistic Production Groups - Music, Theater and Dance.

Over the years, The Art and Culture Sector carried out artistic, cultural and educational activities and have maintained contact with institutions in the field of culture and art in Santa Catarina.

Extension Courses

Practical and short courses that promote learning opportunities and personal development in the most diverse areas of Univali’s Schools of Knowledge. 

Open to students and the wider community, the extension courses offer practical experience that can enrich the career, enable students to acquire knowledge in a different area of study, and improve their interpersonal skills. 


The academic life at Univali is very hectic, and the Schools of Knowledge promote events that enrich learning, offer market experience, and enable students to engage in research.

Univali also hosts regional, national and international events, as it is considered a university of reference in Santa Catarina.

​Voluntary Service Program

The Univali Voluntary Service Program began in 2000 and encourages students to exercise solidarity and citizenship in the local community.

Univali provides would-be volunteers with a list of registered entities, through its student portal on the university's website. A total of sixty-one municipalities offer activities as part of the Voluntary Service Program activities, providing unique opportunities for life experience and personal transformation.