Heading to the Northeast, there are plenty of wonderful beaches and historical cities to visit, such as Salvador de Bahia or Recife. 

​But you must not miss the famous “Lençóis Maranhenses”, in the State of Maranhão, a desert-like territory dotted with natural, rainwater lagoons. The lagoons are at their fullest between July and September. The state capital, São Luís, known as the Brazilian Capital of Reggae, has a beautiful historical center, with its old, tile-clad colonial mansions. Don’t forget to try Guaraná Jesus, a soft drink that is only produced in this region.​​

On the East coast is Recife, the state capital of Pernambuco. Here, the rhythms are Frevo and Maracatu. The historical town of Olinda, just a few kilometers from Recife, is known for its spectacular Carnival, where crowds line the streets, dancing behind the “giant dolls”. To ensure you have the energy to do everything, try some of the many traditional dishes of the local cuisine. “Sarapatel” and “Carne de Sol” are some options and, for dessert, the “Bolo de Rolo” is highly recommended.

The State of Bahia is well-known for its colorful traditions. The traditional “Baiana” ladies, in their long dresses and colorful turbans, can be seen everywhere. Here, you can sample traditional dishes, such as “Acarajé”, a kind of bean ball. Ask for it cold, or “frio” in Portuguese, if you don’t like spicy food. If you ask for it “hot” (quente, in Portuguese), be prepared to feel your body burning on the inside. Don’t leave the city of Salvador without visiting “Pelourinho”, a historic neighborhood and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Your musical playlist should include “Axé Music” and Forró. In this State, you can clearly see Brazil’s African roots, in the local people, the religious traditions, and of course, the “capoeira”, a martial art that combines music and elements of dance and acrobatics.​

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